Why Does My Dog Sniff My Ears?

Why Does My Dog Sniff My Ears?

Have you ever been walking with your dog and noticed that they’re sniffing around your ears? You might find it strange, but this is actually a common behavior among canines. While there are many theories as to why dogs do this, the truth is that we still don’t know for sure. In this article, we’ll explore some of the possible explanations behind why your pup may be so interested in your ears.

Is It Okay For My Dog To Sniff My Ears?

Yes, it’s perfectly normal for your pup to sniff around your ears. Dogs have a powerful sense of smell, so the scent of your ears may be a source of curiosity. As long as your pup is not excessively licking or biting at your ears, this behavior should be considered harmless and is likely just an attempt to get your attention or show affection. [1]

Reasons Why Your Dog Sniffs Your Ears

Dogs are curious creatures and their sense of smell is incredibly strong. This explains why your pup may sniff around your ears when you pet them or when you’re just sitting together. There are several possible explanations for why your pup may be so interested in your ears, and understanding them can help you form a stronger bond with your canine companion.

It Likes Your Body Smell

Dogs have an incredibly powerful sense of smell, so it’s no surprise that they’re so fascinated by sniffing our ears! Dogs have millions of scent receptors in their noses, compared to just 5 million for humans. This allows them to detect scents that we cannot, and helps them identify us by our individual body scent. So when your dog sniffs your ears, it’s probably just trying to get a better sense of who you are.

Detecting Illness Or Infection

Beyond simple curiosity, your dog is also using their nose to detect illness or infection. Just like humans often use a thermometer to determine whether they have a fever, your furry friend is using their nose to detect bacteria and other signs that something might not be right. Dogs have an incredible sense of smell and they can detect even the slightest change in your body.

Reasons Why Your Dog Sniffs Your Ears


Sniffing can be a form of entertainment for your pup when they become bored. Dogs have an incredible sense of smell and use it to explore their environment. If your pup is running out of things to do, they may start exploring other parts of your body — like your ears!

Your Dog Wants To Tell You Something

When your dog sniffs your ears, it is often an attempt to communicate with you. This behavior can have multiple meanings, depending on the context. Generally, dogs sniff their owners’ ears to either show affection or to gain information about you.


Your dog’s sniffing of your ears is likely an attempt to learn more about who you are. Dogs rely heavily on scent to gain information about the world around them. Dogs have an incredibly powerful sense of smell, up to 10,000 times greater than a human’s! Your dog is likely trying to learn more about you by sniffing your ears. They could be picking up on subtle changes in scent that may occur when hormones change, or when you eat certain foods. Your pup may even be identifying your unique scent!

Playing And Excitement

Dogs love to play, and when you greet your pup with affection, it can be exciting for them. This enthusiasm could lead to them to wanting to explore further, and sniffing your ears is a way of exploring you more.

To Gather Information

Dogs have incredible noses that can detect odors much better than humans. When sniffing your ears, your pup may actually be gathering information about you. Dogs have a special organ in their noses that helps them process scent, known as the Jacobson’s organ. The Jacobson’s organ helps your pup collect data about you, such as your diet and what activities you have been doing lately. This type of “sniffing” is part of their natural instinct and it helps them understand more about you. [2]

Other Things To Consider

It is important to note that your dog’s behavior may be affected by a variety of other factors.

Other Things To Consider

Do You Carry Or Play With Other Dogs?

If you spend a lot of time with other dogs, they may transfer pheromones to your skin, which can also attract your dog’s attention and cause them to sniff your ears. If this is the case, you may want to make sure that they have had their vaccinations and that they are generally healthy so that they don’t pass any germs to you or your pup. If this is a frequent issue, you may also want to consider asking your vet about the possibility of giving your pup a special shampoo that could help reduce the number of outside smells they pick up.

You Encouraged The Behavior

Most pet owners have experienced a situation in which their pup is enthusiastically sniffing at their ears. Many people may feel as if this behavior is strange or odd, but it is quite natural for a dog to do. In some cases, your pup may have been encouraged to sniff at your ears without even realizing it. One way that you might have encouraged this behavior is by petting them while they were sniffing at your ears. Dog’s love attention and petting, so they will interpret it as a reward and begin to do the same action more frequently.

What Else Happened When Your Dog First Started Sniffing Your Ears

If your dog just started sniffing your ears, you may want to know why it’s doing so and what else it is doing. It is a common behavior for dogs to sniff your ears and the base of your neck. It’s an important way for them to get information about you and the area around you. They use scent to “read” their environment and get information that they don’t have access to without using their eyes or ears.Your dog may also be engaging in some other behaviors when sniffing your ears. [3]

How Do I Stop My Dog Sniffing My Ears?

It’s natural for dogs to sniff around, and while they may mean no harm by it, having your dog constantly sniffing your ears can be a bit embarrassing. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to discourage this behavior and help your pup understand it isn’t acceptable.

‘no’ Command

One of the simplest and most effective ways to stop your dog from sniffing your ears is to use a ‘no’ command. As soon as you notice your dog sniffing your ears, firmly say ‘no’ and stop them from continuing the behavior. If done consistently enough, your dog will eventually associate the word ‘no’ with the behavior and stop doing it altogether.

Don’t Encourage It

Some dogs find sniffing ears to be a very enjoyable pastime, but it is important not to encourage this behavior. Not only is it generally socially unacceptable, it can also be a sign of dominance. If you don’t want your dog to have any sort of relationship with you based on power, it’s important to discourage this behavior.

How Do I Stop My Dog Sniffing My Ears

Distract Your Dog

If your dog is fixated on sniffing your ears, it may be difficult to get them away from it. Instead of getting frustrated and trying to push them away, try distracting them with a toy or treat. This can help disrupt the behavior and get your dog’s attention off of your ears.

Consult A Trainer

If you are concerned or uncomfortable with your dog sniffing your ears, then it is a good idea to consult a professional trainer. A professional trainer can help you understand your dog’s behavior and motives better, as well as provide guidance on how to address the issue. Trainers may suggest methods to desensitize your dog to the behavior, or recommend a change in the environment that could reduce the frequency of such behaviors.

Engage Him Mentally

It’s important to keep your dog mentally stimulated. One way to do this is through interactive games like hide and seek with treats, brain puzzles, and even just training commands to keep their minds sharp. Stimulating your dog’s mind will help tire him out, which may reduce the amount of time he spends sniffing your ears. [4]


Why does my dog sniff my ears and lick them?

There are a few potential reasons why your dog might be sniffing and licking your ears. The most common is that they’re simply exploring the scent of your ear, as this is a new and exciting area for them. Dogs have an incredibly powerful sense of smell, so they may be drawn to new and interesting smells, such as the scent of your ear wax. Dogs can also simply crave attention from their owners, so by sniffing and licking your ears, they’re seeking interaction.

Can dogs smell ear infections in humans?

It is possible that dogs can smell ear infections in humans, although there isn’t much scientific evidence to back this up. Dogs have a hugely powerful sense of smell, and it’s possible that they can detect when a person is suffering from an infection due to the smells produced by bacteria or other organisms in the ear. It is also possible that dogs can detect certain hormone or chemical changes in humans when they are unwell, which could account for why they are drawn to sniffing ears.

Why do dogs sniff human private areas?

Dogs sniff human private areas for many reasons. Primarily, they are scent-marking and establishing dominance or asserting control over the situation. Dogs may also be trying to find out more about the person and their environment. Additionally, it may be a sign of affection or social bonding between the dog and the person.

Why do dogs sniff human private areas

Why does my dog sniff me so deeply?

It could be that your pup has a particular fondness for you and just can’t help but have a good sniff of their favorite person! Dogs have an impressive sense of smell, and they use their noses to learn more about the world around them. It’s possible that your pup is trying to learn more about you by sniffing your ears. Dogs have a particular affinity for the scent of their owners, and they may be trying to get a better sense of who you are.

How do you know when your dog loves you?

For many dog owners, the answer is simple: when your pup sniffs your ears.Sniffing someone’s ears may seem a little weird, but it’s actually quite normal when it comes to dogs. Dogs have 200 million olfactory receptors in their noses, compared to the mere 5 million humans have. This means that they can smell things we can’t even perceive. It’s no surprise, then, that dogs often turn to sniffing as a way to learn more about the world.

Should I let my dog lick my ears?

No. While your dog may think it is fun to lick and sniff your ears, it can actually be very dangerous to allow him or her to do so. Your dog’s saliva can contain germs and bacteria that could cause an infection if it gets into your ear canal. In addition, dogs have sharp claws that can scratch the delicate skin of your ear, leading to discomfort or even infection. It’s best to just keep your dog away from your ears, or use a toy to distract him or her if they start sniffing around your ears.

Can dogs sense mental illness?

The short answer is no, not in the sense that humans recognize mental illness. Dogs can still be a great source of comfort and companionship, however, and many people with mental illnesses find them to be invaluable sources of support.

How do dogs act when they smell infection?

When a dog sniffs your ears, they may be looking for signs of infection. Dogs have an incredibly sensitive sense of smell and can detect even the slightest of odors. If your dog is sniffing around your ears, it could be because they are picking up on an infection or something else that is causing an odor. They may also be trying to determine if there is something wrong with you, as dogs can often sense when their owners are unwell.

What do dogs do when they know you are sick?

Dogs are incredibly sensitive to our physical and emotional states. As a result, they may be able to detect if you’re feeling ill before you’ve even realized it yourself. If they are familiar with you and pick up on subtle signals that something is wrong, they may start to pay extra attention to you. This can include sniffing your ears and other parts of your body, as well as being extra clingy or protective.

Do dogs get pleasure from smelling?

Dogs certainly seem to enjoy the act of sniffing. When a dog sniffs something, their brain releases dopamine and other ‘happy’ hormones, making them feel calm and content. This gives dogs a natural pleasure from smelling things in their environment.

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Sniffing is a completely natural behavior for dogs, and it’s an important part of how they explore and interact with their world. From scent marking, to getting familiar with new smells and environments, sniffing is an important part of a dog’s life. When it comes to why your dog sniffs your ears specifically, it could be for many reasons. It might be because they’re interested in the smell of your ear wax or other scents that you emit, or it could be a sign of affection.


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